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[inwave_heading preview_style_1=»» title=»A brilliant Update! |What’s new in 3.0?|» description=»We are working diligently and trying our very best to update the new version in order to fix bugs and upgrade all functions for InJob theme.» align=»center» css=».vc_custom_1528184608074{padding-bottom: 40px !important;}»]
[inwave_heading preview_style_1=»» title=»Buy the |right theme. Best price.|» description=»Job Board is a fully functioning job board Theme for WordPress developed with AN excellent and perfect Plugin» align=»center» font_weight_title=»300″ css=».vc_custom_1527220647576{margin-bottom: 80px !important;}»]
[inwave_item_feature title=»Free Submission» icon=»icon-injob-handshake» description=»Allow employers / users to post their jobs for FREE without buying any package»][inwave_item_feature title=»Apply with Social account» icon=»icon-injob-resume-6″ description=»Candidates can apply job with their socical account as facebook, linkedin…»][inwave_item_feature title=»Favorite Jobs» icon=»icon-injob-resume-2″ description=»Signed in candidate are able to save favorite jobs to quick access in Dashboard»][inwave_item_feature title=»Candidate templates» icon=»icon-injob-briefcase» description=»Admin can select candidate detail style for all or each candidate»][inwave_item_feature title=»Smart search» icon=»icon-injob-resume-4″ description=»The advanced search feature makes it easy for site visitors to find the right job and right candidate»][inwave_item_feature title=»Re-captcha» icon=»icon-injob-email» description=»Option to add re-captcha add-ons into the registration form, contact form»]
[inwave_item_feature title=»Paid Job Packages» icon=»icon-injob-resume-4″ description=»Allow employer can buy Job Package to post jobs»][inwave_item_feature title=»InDeed job Integrated» icon=»icon-injob-briefcase» description=»Import your job board from Indeed»][inwave_item_feature title=»Profile Builder» icon=»icon-injob-resume-8″ description=»Allow company to register or edit their profiles from the front-end»][inwave_item_feature title=»Candidate Cover Photo» icon=»icon-injob-resume-8″ description=»Candidate can upload cover photo for detail page!»][inwave_item_feature title=»Map Distance Search» icon=»icon-injob-marketing» description=»Allows users to search the job locations via Google maps.»][inwave_item_feature title=»GDPR Ready » icon=»icon-injob-padlock» description=»Add more options for GDPR compliance»]
[inwave_item_feature title=»Single Post Job» icon=»icon-injob-marketing» description=»Allow employer can buy single job post instead of packages»][inwave_item_feature title=»Candidate Membership» icon=»icon-injob-folder» description=»Allow create packages for candidate to apply jobs»][inwave_item_feature title=»Resume Builder» icon=»icon-injob-resume» description=»Resume Builder makes it fast and easy to create the powerful, complete resume, contact info and skills list»][inwave_item_feature title=»Employer cover photo» icon=»icon-injob-interview-1″ description=»Employer can upload cover photo for detail page!»][inwave_item_feature title=»Editable Avatar & Logo» icon=»icon-injob-cv» description=»Candidate and Employer can upload and edit their avatar and logos»]
[inwave_item_feature title=»Registration Disable» icon=»icon-injob-briefcase» description=»Allow admin can disable all new registration, only admin can post job!»][inwave_item_feature title=»CV & Cover Letter» icon=»icon-injob-curriculum» description=»Allows candidates to upload their CV and Cover Letter templates to be stored and used when applying for a job.»][inwave_item_feature title=»Featured Candidates» icon=»icon-injob-resume-5″ description=»Allow admin set a candidate is featured and easy show it at front-end»][inwave_item_feature title=»Advance Job Dashboard» icon=»icon-injob-resume-7″ description=»Modern and Advance Dashboard allow candidate and employers manager their profile and jobs..»][inwave_item_feature title=»Email Alerts» icon=»icon-injob-resume-1″ description=»Each of action on InJob, you will be received an email notification.»]
[inwave_item_feature title=»Application deadline» icon=»icon-injob-application» description=»Allow employers to set a closing date via a new field on the job submission form.»][inwave_item_feature title=»Review Company» icon=»icon-injob-medal» description=»Allows users both registered, or not, to leave a review and make a rating for an employer»][inwave_item_feature title=»Featured Company» icon=»icon-injob-interview» description=»Allow admin set a Employer is featured and easy show it at front-end»][inwave_item_feature title=»Job templates» icon=»icon-injob-art-design» description=»Admin can select job detail template for all job and each job!»][inwave_item_feature title=»Social App Login» icon=»icon-injob-login» description=»User can login to your website by social network without creating a new account»]
[inwave_item_feature title=»External Apply Link» icon=»icon-injob-email» description=»Allow employer can add an external apply url instead of apply form»][inwave_item_feature title=»Follow companies» icon=»icon-injob-award» description=»Allow candidate knows the news, the job opening and status of the companies and employers.»][inwave_item_feature title=»Employer templates» icon=»icon-injob-resume-9″ description=»Admin can select Employer detail template style for all or each employer»][inwave_item_feature title=»Email Templates» icon=»icon-injob-resume-1″ description=»Admin can edited email template for each email as Approved / Reject Application…»][inwave_item_feature title=»Woo-commerce payment» icon=»icon-injob-shopping-cart» description=»Woo commerce Payment Gateways Compatibility»]

InJob Theme VS WP Job Manager

Why choose InJob Theme instead of WP Job Manager ?
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[inwave_heading preview_style_1=»» title=»{Main Homepages Demo}» description=»Easily import ready-to-use templates for your business website!» font_size_title=»60px» font_weight_title=»600″ line_height_title=»60px» margin_bottom_title=»38px» color_description=»#777777″ font_size_description=»24px» font_weight_description=»600″ line_height_description=»30px» css=».vc_custom_1527482527587{padding-bottom: 50px !important;}» class=»style-mobile»][inwave_heading preview_style_1=»» title=»Job Board is a fully functioning job board Theme for WordPress developed with AN excellent and perfect Plugin created by Inwavethemes developer team. Perfect for recruiters, employment agencies and any kind of job office related.» color_title=»#777777″ font_size_title=»14px» font_weight_title=»500″ line_height_title=»28px»][inwave_button style=»button3″ button_text=»main demo» icon_item=»fa fa-arrow-circle-right» button_link=»» css=».vc_custom_1528251645695{padding-top: 22px !important;}»]
[inwave_heading preview_style_1=»» title=»Choose over |7 Homepages|» description=»Job Board is a fully functioning job board Theme for WordPress developed with AN excellent and perfect Plugin» align=»center» font_family_title=»Montserrat» font_weight_title=»300″ css=».vc_custom_1528337554246{margin-bottom: 85px !important;}»]
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[inwave_heading preview_style_1=»» title=»Some…{JobBoard} Features» description=»Job Board is a fully functioning job board Theme for WordPress developed with AN excellent and perfect Plugin created by Inwavethemes developer team. Perfect for recruiters, employment agencies and any kind of job office related.» align=»center» font_size_title=»48px» font_family_description=»Montserrat» css=».vc_custom_1527480600636{margin-top: 100px !important;margin-bottom: 75px !important;}»]
[inwave_item_info style=»style6″ preview_style6=»» title=»Fully Responsive & Retina» img_info=»4197″][inwave_item_info style=»style6″ preview_style6=»» title=»Step-by-Step Video Tutorials» img_info=»4201″][inwave_item_info style=»style6″ preview_style6=»» title=»Comprehensive Admin Panel» img_info=»4205″][inwave_item_info style=»style6″ preview_style6=»» title=»700+ Web optimized Google Fonts» img_info=»4209″]
[inwave_item_info style=»style6″ preview_style6=»» title=»Quick One-Click Import» img_info=»4198″][inwave_item_info style=»style6″ preview_style6=»» title=»Easily Translate Theme Labels» img_info=»4202″][inwave_item_info style=»style6″ preview_style6=»» title=»Customizable Google Maps» img_info=»4206″][inwave_item_info style=»style6″ preview_style6=»» title=»Smooth CSS3 Animations» img_info=»4210″]
[inwave_item_info style=»style6″ preview_style6=»» title=»Completely Free Plugins» img_info=»4199″][inwave_item_info style=»style6″ preview_style6=»» title=»WooCommerce Compatible» img_info=»4203″][inwave_item_info style=»style6″ preview_style6=»» title=»Beautiful Font Icon Packs» img_info=»4207″][inwave_item_info style=»style6″ preview_style6=»» title=»Fast & Friendly Support» img_info=»4211″]
[inwave_item_info style=»style6″ preview_style6=»» title=»Auto Update Functionality» img_info=»4200″][inwave_item_info style=»style6″ preview_style6=»» title=»Fully Optimized for SEO» img_info=»4204″][inwave_item_info style=»style6″ preview_style6=»» title=»Unlimited Layout Options» img_info=»4208″][inwave_item_info style=»style6″ preview_style6=»» title=»Huge Shortcode Collection» img_info=»4212″]
[inwave_heading preview_style_1=»» description=»{Job Board Theme} comes with a lot of features but don’t worry all of the features are super easy to use. We have included all our shortcodes in the Visual Composer, you will never have to remember shortcode or use code to build your awesome pages» align=»center» font_size_title=»14px» font_family_title=»Montserrat» css=».vc_custom_1527480562530{margin-top: 20px !important;margin-bottom: 45px !important;}»][inwave_button style=»button3″ button_text=»Purchase now » icon_item=»fa fa-shopping-cart» button_link=»″ align=»center»]
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[inwave_heading preview_style_1=»» title=»What’s client say?» align=»center» color_title=»#ffffff» font_size_title=»48px» css=».vc_custom_1527477012676{margin-bottom: 50px !important;}»][inwave_testimonials style=»style2″][inwave_testimonial_item style=»style5″ name=»Exdigia» position=»Envato Buyer» image=»1133″ preview_style1=»»]

You guys are really awesome. The kind of support you have given & still giving for each & every problems/ issues/ confusion of ours from the very beginning, it’s really commendable. Hope to see this kind of excellent support & cooperation in our entire journey. We are also looking for InJobs upcoming theme update for more features with benefits.

[/inwave_testimonial_item][inwave_testimonial_item style=»style5″ name=»Bworkman708″ position=»Envato Buyer» image=»1133″ preview_style1=»»]This is the best job-board theme that our company has come across! We have tried quite a few, but this one has met all of our needs and more. The support team is very helpful and extremely responsive too.[/inwave_testimonial_item][inwave_testimonial_item style=»style5″ name=»Newels » position=»Envato Buyer» image=»1133″ preview_style1=»»]

I really enjoyed working with Lucas, Vodka and Duongca. These guys are diligent in their work and are ready to help you as much as they can. Please keep your good work.

Love you all!

[/inwave_testimonial_item][inwave_testimonial_item style=»style5″ name=»JV005 » position=»Envato Buyer» image=»1133″ preview_style1=»»]Super Theme. Simple, attractive design. Many options as well as upgrade options. I am very satisfied with the technical support, quick and concrete answers to all the questions I have.[/inwave_testimonial_item][/inwave_testimonials]

[inwave_heading preview_style_1=»» title=»Get started with Job Board Theme Today!» description=»We Can Assure That You Won’t Never Regret» align=»center» color_title=»#ffffff» font_size_title=»48px» font_weight_title=»300″ color_description=»#ffffff» font_size_description=»18px» font_weight_description=»300″]
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